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As part of their learning and development, your child will have the opportunity to access a wide range of digital technology, including our interactive whiteboard and iPads.

At Chelford Village Preschool we recognise the value of using this technology and also the potential risks involved. We therefore have rigorous online safety policies and procedures in place.

In order to support us further in developing your child’s knowledge and understanding about online safety, please read ‘Acceptable Use Rules for Children’ (see below) and discuss these with your children. We will talk to the children about them too.

We understand that your child is too young to give informed consent on his/her own; however, we feel it is good practice to involve them as much as possible in the decision-making process and believe a shared understanding and practice of what is right and wrong in the use of technology can be done through a successful partnership.

Hopefully, you will also find these rules provide an opportunity for further conversations between you and your child about safe and appropriate use of online and digital technology beyond our school setting, such as at home, or at a friend’s home.

Acceptable Use Rules for Children at Chelford Village Preschool

This is how we stay safe when we use computers:

  • I will only use the computer or iPad if it is put out as an activity.
  • I will only use programmes that an adult has told or allowed me to use.
  • I will take care of the computer and iPads and other equipment.
  • I will ask for help from an adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have done something wrong.
  • I will tell an adult if I see something that upsets me on the screen.
  • I know that if I break the rules, I might not be allowed to use a computer or iPad.

Please click here to see our Acceptable Use and eSafety Policy

Please click here to view online safety tips for parents of pre-school children 0-5 year olds or visit ( for more information and advice.

Should you need to discuss any of these matters further, please do not hesitate to contact us.