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Our Daily Routine


Our daily routine goes hand in hand with delivering the curriculum.  If the curriculum is ‘Everything we want the children to learn,’ then what happens during each day will dictate exactly that.

We use the structure of our day so that literally every moment is an opportunity for learning!

Our daily routine recognises the key moments during the school day, during which we can promote these learning opportunities. For example; our welly walks give children the opportunity to learn to put their coats on by themselves, our feelings check in supports children to name and talk about their feelings; register time, snack time and our daily book vote, all provide rich opportunities for looking at counting, recognising number, and comparing quantities . . . the list goes on and on.

Within the daily routine we also plan structured activities and provide well-resourced provision for adult guided play, based around our Core Books each half-term. Within this provision we support children to make their own progress towards their individual targets.

The final key component of our daily routine, is our daily delivery of the Little Wandle Foundation Phonics Programme and Squiggle and Wiggle Early Writing Programme. More information about both these programmes, as well as our Core Books can be found in the Curriculum section of the website.


Morning Session 9.15-12.15am

9.15am                Children Arrive

9.30am                Feelings Check in and Register

9.40am                Resourced Provision and Activities linked to the Core Books (40 mins)

10.20am             Tidy Up Time

10.30am             Core Nursery Rhyme Time Group Activity

10.40am             Younger Children Snack

                                 Older Children Letters and Sounds: Tuning into Sound Activties

10.55am             Older Children Snack

                                 Younger Children: Whiteboard Maths

11.10am             Resourced Provision and Activities linked to the Core Books  (50 mins)

11.55am             Tidy Up Time

12.05pm             Core Story Time

12.15pm             End of Session/Children Collected


Afternoon Session 12.15pm- 3.15pm

12.15pm             Register Time

12.20pm             Singing and Hand Washing

12.30pm             Lunch Time

1.00pm               Tidy Up and Free Play

1.20pm                Direct Teaching and Resourced Provision/Activities linked to the Core Books (1 hour)

2.30pm               Tidy Up Time

2.40pm               Squiggle and Wiggle Early Writing Activity

2.50pm               Tables Cleaned

2.55pm               Daily Book Vote/Story Time

3.10pm               Coats and Bags

3.15pm               Home Time